How it began

Olympiatours’ founder, Milovan Jovancic, organized the first trip back in 1971. It was a trip on spring training camp for Swedish club IF Göta, the first of its kind in Scandinavia. This was followed in 1972 by a trip to the Olympics in Munich, which was the foundation for Sweden's oldest sports travel agency. Of which we are very proud.

Over the next eight years, Milovan ran the agency in parallel to his regular work as athletics coach in IF Göta as well as the Swedish national team. However, the business demanded an increasingly large part of his time - up to 1200 travelling athletes annually. Olympiatours expanded and Milovan had to make his choice. By that time, Swedish athletics was in the safe hands of a new generation of coaches and managers, many of them having being previously coached by Milovan, and he chose to focus wholeheartedly on the travel business. Something that thousands of our travellers over the years have appreciated.


Milovan ThenMilovan Now

Milovan Jovancic had great success as a sprinter in Yugoslavia in the 50s. He began his career in 1949 by improving the former national record on 200m. Four years later, this was followed by a record on 100m, which remained for nearly 30 years!

As his sprinter career was cut short by recurrent muscle injuries, Milovan continued to train athletes at club and national level, in Yugoslavia, thereafter in Sweden from 1968.





Olympiatours Today

Olympiatours was founded - and has been managed over the years - as a family business. Thus, when Milovan in 2012 made his decision to retire, the management and daily running of the company was taken over by his son Nenad. Although he has not had an illustrious athletics career as his father, Nenad brought with him a passion for athletics and many years international experience of advising corporations on customer relationships and satisfaction. And for all of you who have been accustomed to meeting Milovan and his wife on any event trip – don’t worry, he is still around, although nowadays as an 'ordinary' traveler.

Milovan and Coaches

As pioneers in the field, Olympiatours have roamed southern Europe to find the best facilities, the warmest and most pleasant climates, and there is currently not a country along the northern Mediterranean coast that has not been visited by 'our' clubs. But we have not stopped there. Nowadays we also have Florida in the programme, as well as Singapore and Malaysia. We are particularly proud to offer the two latter countries. Too far to fly? Not at all! It takes no longer to fly there than to South Africa, which has become something of a favourite training camp destination for some. Asia is both cheaper and, we think, safer. And the sea is noticeably warmer. It's pleasant with a swim in tropical seas between workouts, isn’t it?

To be, and to remain, a family business is very important to us. Large travel companies are great, they have their place under the sun and many satisfied customers. But we believe that personal service is paramount and therefore act in the way that we ourselves want to be treated when we travel.

To call ourselves a family business obligates, as it also means that our passengers should feel like part of a family. And simply feel at home with us wherever we are. Which is what we do best.